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Requests for Bible lessons or information

For information or comments or to request Free Bible Study Lessons please direct your e-mail to realfaithinjesus@gmail.com and write “sermons” or “lessons” in the subject line. For Free Bible Study Lessons please include your complete postal address. The lessons are mailed by U.S Postal Service and only to the 50 States. They cannot be sent by e-mail, nor can they be sent outside of the USA.

Some of the courses offered are: (recommended order of study)

  • Gospel According to St. John (1 lesson)
  • A country called Heaven (15 lessons)
  • Life of Christ (9 lessons)
  • New Life in Christ (25 lessons)
  • Practical Christian Living (24 Lessons)
  • Love, Courtship, and Marriage (12 lessons)
  • Fishers of Men (3 lessons)