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August 28, 2019

Satan’s Substitutes

Passage: Galatians 5
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Once a week a street near our home in Santiago, Chile would be closed off and used for a farmer's market. We could buy mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, but there were also stands for chickens all cleaned and plucked, hanging by the feet and ready to cook. Another table would be for rabbits, hanging by the feet, but not ready to cook. When I asked why the rabbits were not ready to cook like the chickens I was told that once you have a rabbit ready to cook you cannot distinguish it from a cat that was ready to cook. People enjoyed tender grass fed rabbits, but had no desire to cook up an alley cat. The rabbit was left unprepared so the buyer could be assured of what he was buying. From this situation came a Chilean saying,"They sold him a cat for a rabbit." It was used whenever a person was deceived and given an inferior product in place of the intended purchase.

"Bait and switch" is a similar practice that is common here in the U.S.A. It is also one of Satan's favorite tactics with people. Right after the Apostle Paul preached the Gospel in Galatia and saw many people believe and come to a joyous salvation in Jesus Christ, Satan's emissaries came on the scene and offered what was supposed to be a superior teaching, but was in reality an exchange of the truth for a doctrine that would bring them back under the slavery of legalism. If you would like to be prepared to recognize Satan's bait and switch methods and its disastrous consequences in your life listen to the sermon "SATAN'S SUBSTITUTES".

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